Highway wash out persists in Cherryville

Highway wash out persists in Cherryville

Highway 6 reduced to single-lane alternating traffic, again

Water continues to cause issues for motorists in Cherryville.

A wash out eight km east of Cherryville has reduced the road to single-lane alternating traffic. The highway was originally washed out May 6, which closed the road at the time, and then another wash out was reported Thursday.

“It really rained hard (Wednesday) night,” said Hank Cameron, Cherryville director.

While this location, below Mine Hill, has been affected there are other areas of the highway that could be undermined by water.

Approximately five km east of the Gold Panner there’s a river running alongside Highway 6.

“The creek had got diverted out of it’s usual path,” said Carmen.

There are concerns that the water in this area could also undermine the road.

Meanwhile upgrades to the highway between the Gold Panner and Mine Hill are scheduled to begin.

“They’re supposed to start paving this month,” said Cameron, who expects the work will be delayed due to the current situation.

“They might even have to change the crossings.”