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Mission gives Vernon’s homeless hope, providing 1,750 showers a year

The Mission also provided 848 loads of clean laundry and new clothing for 1,297 people
Vernon’s Upper Room Mission provided 1,750 showers for homeless individuals in the past year, the mission said in a Facebook post March 2, 2023. (Pixabay photo)

Having access to a warm shower is something most people take for granted, but for the street entrenched population, it’s a luxury that can be hard to come by.

Vernon’s Upper Room Mission is working to change that.

In the past year, the Upper Room Mission has provided 1,750 showers for people with nowhere else to go to practice hygiene, the mission said.

“Having access to a hot shower is the first step for homeless people to rekindle their sense of dignity and break the cycle of homelessness,” the mission said.

The Upper Room Mission also provided 948 loads of clean laundry in the past year, and 1,297 people received new clothing.

“Providing connection, community and holistic care for our guests allows us to give them a chance to hope again and to find a sense of self-love, respect and confidence that can help them move forward positively.”

But the mission needs help to continue to offer these services for free.

All those showers and laundry loads add up to a hefty water bill each month, and the mission could use some assistance.

“We are looking for individuals, businesses and groups that would like to partner with us in raising these funds to continue to offer and expand our services to our community,” the mission said.

For more information on how to help Upper Room Mission provide hygiene services, visit

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