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Tight race in Vernon-Monashee

Not out of the woods yet, Liberal Foster says; close race between Liberals and NDP may come down to mail-in count
BC NDP candidate Harwdiner Sandhu is running for the seat in Vernon-Monashee in the upcoming Oct. 24, 2020, election. (Contributed)

“I’m by no stretch out of the woods,” said BC Liberal candidate and incumbent MLA Eric Foster as he watches the race with NDP candidate Harwinder Sandhu tighten Saturday, Oct. 24.

Foster leads the race with more than 117 of 122 polls reported in the Vernon-Monashee race, but NDP candidate Harwinder Sandhu is close behind, short by less than 150 votes.

“We could be waiting for two weeks or more before we know who wins it,” said Foster from his campaign chair’s home.

“In the past, at this time in the evening it was all over,” he said. “This time around, it won’t be over for another couple weeks.”

The final results in closer races will likely have to wait for two weeks to see the result of a flood of mail-in ballots as voters chose that option in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foster said he doesn’t believe the mail-in votes will make much difference.

“I don’t think they will, no,” he said. “Those types of things tend to go with the trend.”

Green candidate Keli Westgate follows third but commented on the projected majority NDP government.

“Our projections were better than we thought,” Westgate said Saturday night. “We have at least four seats. We were hoping for another minority government. It would be good to have all the parties working together. Hopefully, the NDP take climate action seriously.”

Conservative candidate Kyle Delfing said a majority NDP government was to be expected.

“Ideally, what I would have liked to see is another minority government,” Delfing said from his home. “I think it would have been better for the people.”

Sandhu hasn’t yet responded to the Morning Star’s request for comment at this time. She is watching the results roll in from home, as well.

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