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Wind-snapped tree destroys truck at Westside campsite

No one injured as tree crashes down on vehicle at Evely

A close call for some campers Friday night saw their truck destroyed by a tree.

A large tree came crashing down across the road and right onto the truck at the Evely Campground July 15 around 7 p.m.

North Westside Fire Department was called to assist and firefighters were relieved to learn no one was injured.

“If there was anybody in that truck it would have been a very sad night,” deputy chief Shawn Barnes said.

The owners of the truck had a trailer nearby, which was not impacted, but had to be moved as the tree was compromised.

“One of the other people camping there hooked up and pulled it out for them.”

An evening windstorm is being blamed for causing the tree to come down.

“It was definitely wind driven, when we there it was still really windy,” said Barnes.

Firefighters taped off the truck and a couple campsites nearby and have asked nearby campers to self manage the area as there are no park hosts on site following a fire that destroyed their camper.

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