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Coldstream gazebo disturbs nature

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A gazebo was flown in by a helicopter to a nature trail on Middleton Mountain in May. (Carol Madlung Facebook photo)

Who dreamt this up?

Many park users daily who do not want nature disturbed.

Park is a dawn to dusk park, a bowl of hills around a vernal pond, also surrounded by many peoples house and bedroom windows.

It is a dry fire risk in summer.

There are many who use the park in the dark times.

Adding this gazebo will change the views for all using the park and nearby houses.

It will encourage longer stays in the park, perhaps causing noise/fire/garbage issues.

This pond and land around it support deer, marmots, migratory and seasonal birds, snakes, pond life.

Park development brings the potential of further disturbance to the nature we will enjoy and walk through.

What public input was sought from park users and neighbours?


An Otto

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