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Know the past to plan for future of Okanagan forests

LETTER: We should use line skiders and chainsaws on steep hill sides to prevent erosion

I am pleased to read Ethan Heckrodt’s comments.

I was appointed as a VIP to the Federal BC Okanagan Water Basin Study some time ago. I recall a request by a Kelowna private pilot to stop patch logging.

I was the first apple grower to test using glyphosate around the trees, supervised by a field man, after which the task was given to the Summerland Research Station.

My research was negative.

My family members returning from the war went into logging.

Wheeler was a skidder using a horse. Alfred had a timber limit. Chubby was a driver of a line skidder. Andy was a trained logger with a chainsaw.

Now Andy is only a feller-buncher driver.

We must know the past in order to plan the future of our forest.

We should use line skidders and chainsaws on steep hill sides to prevent erosion.

There must be selective logging on the flat areas.

Skiders can run over under brush and it will spring up again.

Roads need to be de-activated.

Creek crossing need to be limited.

Strips need to be left for wildlife.

No spraying, let nature take its way then losses from massive run-off by quick snow melt will abate.

Save our rivers for salmon.

Thank you.

Dave Evans,

Honorary lifetime member of SOSA and BCWF

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