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Overpass needed for Okanagan gondola proposal

LETTER: Resident concerned about already-dangerous Highway 97 intersection

Re: Golden Skybridge Okanagan Gondola proposal.

The following paragraph taken from recent news on the web reads:

“From its earliest stage of planning, the project has included an environmental consultant to identify areas on the site that require a delicate touch and strategic planning to ensure a balance is maintained between preservation, conservation and recreational exploration.”

There is no mention of the safety concerns that are overwhelming evident at this location. This being the Bailey Road intersection.

This has completely been overlooked.

The proposed location appears to enable entry off Highway 97 to the base of the gondola, but no consideration to re-entering Highway 97 going north, back to Vernon.

Not everyone would take the Commonage Road, which would impact congestion, and increase the possibility of more accidents.

Also the increase of traffic bottom end of Commonage to 25th Avenue.

This location at Bailey Road is notorious for accidents and fatalities. Have we forgotten the lives of those Alberta girls taken there?

Not sure that City of Vernon politicians or BC Highways have considered this intersection for its hazards.

Minimum requirement would be the construction of a overpass for those folks exiting the lower gondola parking lot going north back to Vernon. It’s not a matter of if there will be more fatalities but when.

Thankfully sometime ago the exit off Bailey going south has been upgraded.

Please look at the safety factors first before proceeding on this grand idea.

Bill Luchak

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