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Resident calls for affordable housing over Vernon’s new park plan

LETTER: ‘An expensive and grandiose plan to spend taxpayer money’

I received a survey regarding the proposal for the Kin Race track, which is an expensive and grandiose plan to spend taxpayer money. I would remind the city who the majority of their population is and what the screaming needs are and that is first and foremost, affordable housing. This old neighbourhood is largely retired people who are living in family homes having worked here and raised their children and now that downsizing is a reality, the options are limited. We bought these houses when real estate was obtainable for average working people and yes, our assets have soared unrealistically but so has the cost of living elsewhere.

Healthy communities are those where all ages live in proximity and green spaces are interspaced. That allows for all ages to live together and be seen, for the elders to shuffle and communities to grow with younger people. We have an area blessed with options for recreation. Do we really need expensive art displays or high-maintenance water consuming extras? Have we forgotten that this undeveloped space allowed an area to be set up for the wildfire response to protect us from a very real threat? Are we so uninformed to think this past summer was a one-off? We need to have infrastructure to support the growing population and first and foremost not be constructing legacies for councils that will vanish and leave the taxpayer holding the bill. We need foresight now because the future is anything but assured.


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Jennifer Smith

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