Crashes keep Vernon police busy

Crashes keep Vernon police busy

RCMP have responded to multiple incidents over the past 24 hours

Police have been kept busy since the snow fell Thursday.

North Okanagan front line officers have been responding to motor vehicle incidents throughout the Okanagan over the past 24 hours, largely in part to the snowy road conditions. However, only one of the incidents was a report of multiple vehicles involved.

“The majority of the reports being received by our front line officers are for single vehicle collisions where vehicles have gone off road and caused only damages to property,” says Const. Kelly Brett. “Fortunately, the incidents reported to police have all been minor in nature with no major injuries. The cause of the collisions vary from poor road conditions, speed relative to conditions and following too closely to other vehicles.”

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Snowy, icy conditions can seriously reduce visibility on our roads and make it difficult to stop and steer. In poor weather conditions, slow down, increase your following distance and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, Brett urged.

The RCMP would also like to remind motorists that if you are involved in a collision, police attendance may not be required. Police are only required to attend a motor vehicle collision if the collision has resulted in an injury or death, the collision was a result of a hit and run and there’s evidence of who is responsible or if a possible criminal act has occurred – for example, the incident was a result of the driver being impaired.

Police are not required to attend a motor vehicle incident where only property damage has occurred to the vehicles. The drivers can exchange information and report the incident directly to ICBC. No police file number is required.

Brett said if there are no injuries as a result of the collision and drivers still feel they require the assistance of the police, to call the RCMP non-emergency line for guidance.


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