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LETTER: Vernon man remembers war debt

‘We didn’t have these taxes before the First World War’
The Remembrance Day ceremony at the Vernon Cenotaph was limited Nov. 11 but still saw hundreds of people line the streets and come to lay a poppy and pay their respects. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

When you were remembering on Nov. 11, did you remember – you, your family, your friends, your neighbours – that soldiers do not start wars?

Politicians and religious groups start wars.

Did you remember the millions of people – soldiers, civilians, innocent children – who died in wars that were not necessary and no one won?

Did you remember the money we spent out of our taxes to finance the wars and incurred a debt that we will probably never pay off?

We didn’t have these taxes before the First World War.

Barrie McLean

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Jennifer Smith

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