GALLERY: Skiers push 105 km/h at Vernon Ski Club event

U12 athletes (Murray Smith)U12 athletes (Murray Smith)
Race Day (Murray Smith)Race Day (Murray Smith)
Para Olympian Logan Leach (Murray Smith)Para Olympian Logan Leach (Murray Smith)
Volli Course Crew (Murray Smith)Volli Course Crew (Murray Smith)
(Murray Smith)(Murray Smith)
Athlete: U12 Tanner Carr (Gordie Carr)Athlete: U12 Tanner Carr (Gordie Carr)
Athlete: U14 Tylee Carr (Gordie Carr)Athlete: U14 Tylee Carr (Gordie Carr)
Athlete: U16 Rowan Smith (Murray Smith)Athlete: U16 Rowan Smith (Murray Smith)
Athlete: U14 Jasmine Coubrough (Murray Smith)Athlete: U14 Jasmine Coubrough (Murray Smith)

Skiers from as far away as Whitehorse descended on the slopes of SilverStar Mountain Resort this past weekend for the annual Okanagan Speed Camp.

More than 140 racers took part in Vernon Ski Club’s annual three-day event and race.

Battling warmer and wet conditions including fog and snow, racers prepared for Sunday’s race.

The downill event saw U12-16 compete and top racers pushed speeds of 105 kilometres an hour.

Nearly 1,000 individual runs were trained and raced on the speed course by end-of-day Sunday, organizers said.

“It was a fantastic event with amazing volunteers and super keen athletes,” Lauren Carr said. “Thank you to all who attened and helped out.”

“Looking forward to Okanagan Speed Camp 2021 where we all ‘Feel the need, the need for speed.’”

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